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Ataya & Partners addresses big challenges of digital transformation, regulations & shortage of skilled personnel.

Enterprise Growth

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The entrance of new businesses using digital and data-driven technologies on the market is putting pressure on existing organizations to set up digital and data-driven initiatives. These new technologies are changing the traditional business models and allow new entrants to approach potential clients more effectively and on a larger scale.


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Regulations & compliance rules make digitalization even more challenging. All businesses have to follow a number of compliance rules that are based on industry’s best practices. These rules are a prerequisite for new companies that are entering the market, but also for the existing organizations that want to stay.

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A lot of organizations are confronted with a pressing shortage of skilled talent. There are simply not enough skilled digital experts that have the competences to follow the demands for data-driven processes and digital transformations. More specifically, there is a lack of risk-focused program managers and professionals that are able to orchestrate these activities together and consistently in line with the strategy of the company and external compliances and constraints.


From individual assessments to competence reskilling: building tailor-made personal development plans, train and help individuals re-engineering their skillsets.



Our advisory work can take many forms, going from staffing experts to end to end projects in the areas of Digital Transformation, Data Protection and Information Security.



In the current heavily loaded digital transformation climate, A&P build a platform, including not only the acquisition of talent, but also the reskilling of talent that clients can call upon.


Head Office

479 Louise Av,
Brussels, 1050, Belgium.

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+32 2 340.32.00