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A lot of organizations are confronted with a pressing shortage of skilled talent. There are simply not enough skilled digital experts that have the competences to follow the demands for data-driven processes and digital transformations. More specifically, there is a lack of risk-focused program managers and professionals that are able to orchestrate these activities together and consistently in line with the strategy of the company and external compliances and constraints.

Information Security

Establishing and maintaining the enterprise vision, strategy, and program to ensure information assets and technologies are adequately protected.

Information Security Officer

Purpose of the position: You will be Information Security Officer/Risk Manager located in Belgium in which you contribute to the Information Security Management System (ISMS) and risk management framework of a renowned organization.
You will contribute to relevant security certifications like ISO27001, PCI, etc. 
You will advise, monitor the organization and report about information security and risks, and interacts with senior management on a regular basis. 

Required skills 
Higher education/relevant security certifications like CISSP/CISM .
Experience with implementing an ISMS and risk management processes. 
Experience with security certification and risk assessments.

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Data Privacy and Compliance

Putting in place appropriate technical and organisational measures to implement the data protection principles (GDPR regulations, NIS regulations, …).

DPO Role

Purpose of the position: The Data Protection Officer is the person who directs and oversees all personal data protection activities within a company. He/she devises the policies and procedures that make sure the organisation is compliant with the GDPR, monitors the implementation of those policies and procures, ensures that all staff are fully trained in regards to protecting data, assigns responsibilities and handles the people’s/public’s requests regarding their personal data. The DPO reports to the Head of Legal and keeps the Head of Compliance and the Management informed on the obligations under the GDPR and compliance with the GDPR. 

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IT Governance

Providing a structure for aligning IT strategy and investments with business objectives. A&P methodologies are based mainly on COBIT 5.

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Over the past 30 years, A&P and HTP has been specializing in the acquisition of executive and digitally skilled talent. In the current heavily loaded digital transformation climate we would be failing our clients if we didn’t broaden our focus. To this end, Ataya & Partners and Hightech Partners set up a broader platform years ago, including not only the acquisition of talent, but also the reskilling of talent, and the creation of a partnering network that clients can call upon.

If you are interested for new opportunities in Data Protection, Information Security and IT Governance, please, contact us ! We are proficient at searching and placing your types of profiles throughout Europe.

Georges Ataya

Georges Ataya

A&P Managing Director

Bert Vermeiren

Bert Vermeiren

HTP Managing Director

Raffaele Jacovelli

Raffaele Jacovelli

HTP Managing Director

Stefano Tresca

Stefano Tresca


Perks & Benefits

Competitive Rate

A&P ensures to each of its partners a competitive rate for a new assignement.


Access to Solvay Sessions

Free Solvay Sessions from the two executives education (IT Management Education & Information Security Education).


Knowledge Sharing

Access to knowledge sharing and other A&P ressources build for 20 years.

Participation to renowned events

Cybersecurity Coalition, BECI, Agoria, CIO Net, DPO circle, Infopole, ECSO

Comission Scheme

Eligibility for the Commissioning Scheme.